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Strategic Partnerships for Cannabis Testing Laboratories

Learn how leveraging your knowledge and developing key industry partnerships can help you to achieve your long-term business goals.

Strategic Partnerships for Cannabis Testing Laboratories

Knowledge controls the access to opportunity and advancement; it powers change and better decision making. The cannabis industry poses numerous complexities, challenges, and many unique attributes requiring consideration and knowledge sources such as innovative product formulations and ever-changing regulations. Some of this can be addressed by leveraging the knowledge sources and decades of work in other industries such as traditional agriculture, food, pharmaceutical, and nutraceutical industries. Drawing parallels with other industries accelerates business, growth, and science. For instance, when science, and more specifically the science of microbiology, is a key influencer to a microbiology testing lab, this becomes your backbone to operations, business, and safety. There are many areas available to provide strength to your operations. Some of these resources are in the following categories:

  1. Knowledge Crossover Value & Strategic Partnerships
  2. Traditional Agriculture Cultivation & Processing
  3. Quality Management Program & Quality Manual Influence
  4. Impact of In-house Micro Testing vs Compliance Testing
  5. Anticipating Pathogens for Consumer Safety
  6. Regulating Bodies for Consumer Safety

“Strategic partnership is based on a shared set of values.” – Benigno Aquino III

Knowledge Crossover Value & Strategic Partnerships

There is a lot to be learned from the trials, tribulations, and key learnings of microbiology and from traditional agriculture and cultivation practices. Labs and businesses leveraging knowledge from numerous cross-over industries and scientific disciplines decrease their learning curve and increase business and profitability faster.

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Part of leveraging existing knowledge to advance your business’ traditional agriculture cultivation & processing is to build a firm foundation from seed. Selecting the right diagnostic partner for your microbiology testing is no different. A partner with experience in other industries such as food, pharmaceutical, and nutraceuticals combined with microbiology expertise provides you and your business an extended scope of knowledge and resources catapulting your trajectory forward. Today’s state-of-the-art and scientific micro testing platforms can be utilized efficiently by talented lab technicians with minimal training and support, both saving costs and increasing efficiency.

Having a partner that compliments your business, fills gaps, and increases profitability through both the partnership and the time & time savings is impactful from the launch of your business through every step of the journey moving forward. Additional keys to partnership are found in Laboratory Set-Up – How to Select a Microbiology Testing Method.


“Quality means doing it right when no one is looking.” – Henry Ford

Quality Management Program (QMS) and Quality Manual

There are many established programs to impact your business and your micro testing including a Quality Program, which is required by ISO 17025 and includes a Quality Manual. A QMS is designed to provide leadership, personnel, and accreditors with a description of the laboratory’s practices and outlining how the laboratory will:

  1. Ensure Quality and establish your Quality Policy
  2. Execute Process Quality Management
  3. Meet Regulatory, Accreditation, and Customer Requirements
  4. Outline how results will be recorded and monitored
  5. Document Control Practices: Standard Operating Procedures, Work Instructions, etc.

A successful QMS is the first step towards assuring your products are safe and measure up to the quality and standards established for your brand. The QMS and Quality Manual includes and extends beyond microbial concerns, encompassing the holistic goals and objectives for the brand. Key components of a QMS include Risk Assessment, Auditing Program, Root Cause Analysis Plan, Corrective Action Preventative Action (CAPA), Training Program, and Document Control. All components are connected to traceability of your entire operation to ensure safe cannabis products for consumers. This spans cannabis seed to product sale, whether you’re a cultivator, extractor, manufacturer, distributor, dispensary, or a testing lab.

The QMS is your anchor to ensure quality throughout your operations and benefiting your product quality and profitability.

The cannabis industry may seem complex and overwhelming but leveraging the decades of existing knowledge and experience from potential partners will help you gain a firm footing. Seeking out partners in different industries who run parallel to yours in terms of microbiology can only accelerate your business, growth, and science. Combined with a solid QMS to keep your lab operations safe and traceable, you’re one step closer to success.