Generic E. coli Testing for Cannabis Safety and Quality

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Generic E. coli Testing for Cannabis Safety and Quality

E. coli is one of many types of bacteria that when present in small amounts have less risk to human health and safety. In larger quantities these same organisms pose a threat to consumer health.  E. coli is also often used as an indicator of overall product quality and stability.

The presence of general E. coli indicates poor or unsanitary conditions are present in the environment throughout cultivation, processing, and supply chain. Generic E. coli testing provides information on the bioburden and potential risks surrounding generic E. coli in cannabis and cannabis infused products. In the cannabis industry, testing for Generic E. coli provides a verification of the effectiveness of sanitation practices and mitigation of bigger challenges.

Generic E. coli testing is conducted through the supply chain and production facilities of food and pharmaceutical tests including all pharmaceutical raw materials, nonsterile products (such as liquids and powders), transdermal patches, and dietary.

Frequently, pathogen reduction occurs with a robust Hazard Analysis and Critical Control Point (HACCP) System combined with Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP).

Testing E. coli throughout the supply chain and with compliance testing further ensures product quality and safety for human consumption while increasing the quality and safety of your products.  Proactively assessing and mitigating your environment may improve the quality and safety of your cannabis and cannabis products. Testing for general E. coli throughout the supply chain combined with local compliance testing regulations, will ensure those lower aerobic bacteria levels and safety for human consumption.